I am a self-taught studio potter working in North London creating wheel-thrown ceramic tableware and decorative vessels.  I produce a range of carefully designed and finely thrown objects for the home, celebrating simplicity and functionality.

A clarity of line and form seems as important as creating a pot that fulfills its function well - that will sit in the hand or rest against the fingers comfortably and with balance.


Exploring and appreciating the mutability of materials in ceramics is an essential and slow process.  I work with stoneware clays, for their strength and durability. Mixing different clays to combine their natural colours and textures and using their liquid form - in slips - to add decoration and subtle pattern.

Quickly thrown and trimmed, the pots then undergo a slow, careful process to be completed.  Using a variety of traditional methods: building by hand to create composite pots and sometimes returning to the wheel to paint, carve and decorate, the pots are then left to dry slowly before firing and glazing begins.  A selection of glazes are chosen to accentuate or obscure the textures and tones of the clay beneath.


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